Welcome Barbara Wright

Welcome Barbara Wright as office administrator at Helping Hands Respite Care. Barbara pictured in her new office.

We welcome Barbara Wright to the Helping Hands Respite Care team as our Office Administrator. Her past experience includes a long administrative and leadership career for a small national nonprofit based in Alabama. Her skills are a great match for Helping Hands Respite Care. We value having a seasoned professional on our team who brings a fresh look at our processes.

Barbara brings a technical and administrative background that will help our agency move forward on some of the goals that were set in our November 2013 strategic plan. Our Executive Director, John Stauffer sees Barbara helping us implement a paperless payroll process as early as next spring. This means no more time sheets to be filled out (yeah!). Additionally Barbara’s expertise with existing processes that we currently use like QuickBooks and cloud-based billing and payroll systems will result in simpler and more concrete information being disseminated to families, staff and our board of directors.

“Moving to Michigan has been a great experience. I really appreciate the training I have received and look forward to meeting all of the Board Members and getting to know the staff and caregivers better. I love being able to see our clients as they visit our offices or participate in the Adult Day Services program. However, I have noticed that they all have an accent …but I am getting used to that,” quipped Barbara.

Barbara is from Mobile, Alabama and has recently relocated to this area with her new husband Matt. She is a mother of a 23 year old son, Clayton, who remains in Alabama pursuing his career as a Firemedic. “I miss my son but am thrilled to have gained three stepchildren and one granddaughter through marriage,” shared Barbara.

When asked about her experiences and perspective on moving to Michigan Barbara is really impressed with the beautiful change of seasons and loves the colors of autumn. “I have tried to ski, and can’t; tried to ice skate, and can’t, but my husband and I love to go to hockey games and MSU Football games.

“When I interviewed for this position, what touched me most was that I would be part of a team that is helping the community serve a need that is growing. That is the well being of the care provider who is taking care of family members with early Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other related diagnosis impairing their abilities. This really touched home and I am thrilled to be part of this growing family. John and the staff of Helping Hands have made me feel welcome and I truly feel like I am part of the Helping Hands family,” concluded Barbara.