Volunteer Opportunities at Adult Day Services

Two ladies exploring volunteer opportunities

If your interest is helping older adults, we have some wonderful volunteer opportunities in our Adult Day Services (ADS) program. We are proud to have a program which is a well-planned schedule of individual and group activities which meet the varied needs of our member participants.

We would like to suggest a volunteer opportunity where you and a friend commit to coming on the same day (or days) for at least 3 hour shifts. In this way you will get to know our members better and faster. By committing to a regular schedule you will become a reliable partner in care.

Go to our website www.helpinghandsrespite.org navigate to the Get Involved Tab and go to the Volunteer section in the drop down menu to download the Volunteer Application packet.  Or, email ADS supervisor Alison Sarkozy to request a packet. alison@helpinghandsrespite.org