The Importance of Goals

Importance of goals, picture show caregiver getting a participant outside for some fresh air

Do you have goals? Well here at Breaking Barriers Today we value the importance of goals. The clients are currently being assessed to determine the appropriate goals for them. Some of these goals are already put in place by Community Mental Health, however as the clients are becoming comfortable here in our program, we begin to think about the next steps and new goals for them. For example, one of the goals that Jimmy, one of our clients, had was to get a walker. Now that he has the walker we are considering all sorts of new goals related to independence, endurance and stamina.

Regardless of your current situation it is very important to have goals to be able to move onto the next phase or step in your journey. The journey here at BBT started out as a dream and then a vision but without specific goals in place, BBT would have never have come to be. It is a pleasure to see small changes occur almost on a daily basis as we continue to plan and move toward our vision for the future at BBT, this happens because we have goals.

Please enjoy your time with family as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday which will be here quicker than we know it. Have a great month and look forward to sharing more in December!