Rob: Happy when crafting

Navigating life for Rob is about coping with seizures that can be very disconcerting for him and his caregivers. When he attends the Helping Hands Respite Care Adult Day Services program the staff is fully versed on how to manage a possible seizure to protect both Rob and the people around him.  For his protection Rob is required to wear a helmet when he is moving about.

Rob loves to craft both at Helping Hands and at home. Prior to his physical decline Rob enjoyed restoring furniture and the precision handwork of caning chairs.  Now he enjoys crafting and many of the other planned activities in the Adult Day Services program.

Becky, his step-sister, says that the activity, socialization, the emotionally stimulating activities, and the friendships at Helping Hands sharpen Rob’s mental status.  “When Rob comes to the program he can be socially active without feeling judged, especially about having to wear a helmet,” shared Becky.


When Becky gets some time off from caring for Rob she cleans house, does errands, gets to Dr. appointments, and even does some community volunteer work. This is more difficult for her because she doesn’t have a car.  “The time for myself makes it easier for me to cope with Rob’s illness.”