Noah: Big sports fan

When Noah’s family moved from Minnesota in addition to Noah, age seven, who was a wheelchair bound, there was baby sister Zoe, an infant, and a six year old Jonah.  The family recalls how difficult it was to be in a place where there was no extended family to rely on for support.  “It was a huge relief to utilize Helping Hands Respite Care (then called LAP Respite Care) services for brief outings that would have been difficult with Noah, who has significant needs, and is unable to tolerate long car trips,”shared Nancy, Noah’s mom.

The organization and services of LAP grew and developed over the years.  Noah and his family began to have opportunities for weekend respite, Noah at Respite House and the family with weekend getaways. “We would take the other two children on several short vacations and bike rides on the respite weekends.”

Noah’s siblings both attended college in the Upper Peninsula and graduated. For parents Michael and Nancy it would have been impossible to attend their children’s graduation without the help of respite care. “We were able to attend both graduations with extended family members for the entire weekend. What is really great is that Noah truly enjoys his time both at the Respite House and in-home with caring and extremely well-trained care providers.  We even refer to it as Camp Respite.”

In conclusion Nancy said,” …Helping Hands Respite Care has made it possible for me to work. It has given our family time to feel normal. We love being off the schedule, even for a little while.  Most importantly, the breaks have helped us keep our son at home and to enthusiastically care for him with a renewed spirit each time we get a break.”