Marie: Loves to sing

Marie loves singing, communicating with people, and making people happy. She taught herself to play the harmonica and is an avid participant in our Music Therapy program. Marie is 84 years young, she is developmentally delayed and has several other health issues.  When Marie was 60, Jean, her sister, was looking for a place where she could give her sister some opportunity to socialize. She found relief in the form of the Adult Day Services program at Helping Hands Respite Care.

Marie’s sister Jean is the primary care-taker. Jean is a retired nurse and is close in age to Marie. For decades Jean or her parents have been caring for Marie, alternating schedules to provide full coverage. In fact, there have been only six years of her life that Jean did not care for Marie.

When Marie comes to Helping Hands Jean gets her shopping and errands done as well as attending to her own doctor visits. Providing a safe and enjoyable environment for Marie is what Jean values most about Helping Hands Respite Care.

There came a day that Marie was unable to come regularly to the Helping Hands adult day services program. A staff member found out that the reason for not attending was because of difficulties getting Marie out of her home with her walker.  A connection was made, the problem solved, and Marie was back to attending regularly.  Note: The problem was solved by one of our Board Members, Sam Tucker, who is a certified aging in place contractor. He was able to apply a reasonably priced modification to Marie’s home.