Linda: Wants stimulating conversation

Linda lives at home with the help of an aide and her daughter Cheyenne who lives close by.  Linda comes to Helping Hands Adult Day Services program in a wheelchair. Not every activity is for Linda, but she loves to play cards and Bingo. Music, especially gospel or country, will lift her spirits. Linda still enjoys watching movies or game shows. Being present at the Helping Hands adult day program provides Linda with the opportunity to engage and share opinions and ideas with her peers.

In 2006 Linda, age 66, suffered a stroke which left her right arm and leg paralyzed.  As a diabetic she is insulin dependent so on the days that Linda attends, the caregivers monitor her blood sugar closely.

After having the stroke, family members noticed a huge impact on Linda’s recovery and consider the Helping Hands adult day services program visits an important part of her recovery. Her vision is getting worse making it difficult for Linda to get out without the help of aides and transportation.

As Linda’s primary caretaker, daughter Cheyenne says that having Linda at Helping Hands Respite Care permits time for Cheyenne to care for her family of four children, and to get to her two jobs.“If it weren’t for this program Mom would have to go into a nursing home,” said Cheyenne. “She gets to have interaction with her peers and that is great stimulation for her.”