Laurel: Ready to go places

Laurel is 24 years old and has multiple severe physical and developmental challenges.  Despite this, she is a very happy person who loves being around people. Going new places, experiencing activities and even shopping are valued by Laurel like other young ladies her age. Laurel receives both in-home care and occasional Respite House weekends. In both cases the care Laurel receives from  Helping Hands Respite Care includes the expected care supports, but also those activities that help Laurel to be part of the community.

The Respite House offers Laurel lots of attention, some fun outings and most important time with friends her own age. “Laurel also gets a break from her parents,” quipped Katie, Laurel’s mom.

For years parents, Eric and Katie have planned their rare vacations around Laurel’s weekends at the Respite House. “This is the only way we can be sure that Laurel has the care she needs while we get a break,” shared Katie.

Having respite in home care for Laurel allows her mother to hold a job and for both parents to spend time together recharging their energy.  “It is very isolating to have a child with these kind of 24/7 needs. Isolation for caregivers can lead to physical and emotional difficulties. Having respite relieves that isolation. We have been able to stay as healthy as we are because of respite care,” said Katie.