Eva: Wants to be needed

Diane reports that when her mother, Eva, comes to Helping Hands’ Adult Day Services program she comes out in a good mood. In her younger days Eva held a very important job for a tool and die company and enjoyed her work. “When she comes to Helping Hands she thinks she is working and says how nice everyone is to work with.  Mom enjoys the social aspects of the program and I am so glad she has this opportunity to feel important and occupied.” 

Like most caregivers, Diane knows the challenges of caring for a family member can be overwhelming.  “Mom is physically strong but needs lots of supervision.  If I am working at home and I have her with me she will come to me constantly asking if she can help.  It is easy to offer her simple tasks to do like folding clothes or sweeping, but it is painful to watch her frustration to complete a simple task like folding a t-shirt.”

 “Sometimes I look at this kind lady and feel the pain of knowing that this is not the lady that I knew as my Mom.”  It is those times that the burden of dressing, grooming, and helping her mother to eat that Diane values most about the respite she and her husband get when Eva spends three days a week at her “job.”

“Helping Hands has been so great. I have absolutely no un-easiness about Mom being at the Adult Day Services program at Helping Hands.  We are so grateful to have this resource available to us.”