Adele: Sweet and cheerful

Adele is six years old. She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when she was three and a half. Due to her illness Adele is unable to communicate verbally and requires assistance and/or prompting with all activities of daily living. She was experiencing irregular sleeping patterns and would often wake up in the middle of the night inconsolable, screaming and in distress. This was affecting everyone’s sleep and ability to cope with Adele’s irritability. She began receiving care from Helping Hands Respite Care at the age of four.

Time for Adele at Respite House allowed her parents the time to catch-up on rest, have time for counseling, family events, and the care of other relatives.

Adele’s family has also faced other challenges.“In September of 2013 our youngest son Griffin was born with a rare condition that required him to be hospitalized at U of M NICU until January 2014, returning home with feeding tubes that require 24-hour supervision and maintenance. In home caregivers for Adele have allowed us to provide Griffin with the attention and care he needs to heal and learn to swallow and eat,”shared Adele’s parents, Nicholas and Anne. “Now we also have the time to help our nine year old son, Samuel, with his school work.”

The family and her professional caregivers agree that Adele has benefited from the care and attention she has received from Helping Hands Respite Care. She is cheerful and has been able to demonstrate improved mobility, social interaction, and made adjustments to her limitations since her time with Helping Hands Respite Care.