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Eva: Wants to be needed

Diane reports that when her mother, Eva, comes to Helping Hands’ Adult Day Services program she comes out in a good mood. In her younger days Eva held a very important job for a tool and die company and enjoyed her work. “When she comes to Helping Hands she thinks she is working and says […]

Marie: Loves to sing

Marie loves singing, communicating with people, and making people happy. She taught herself to play the harmonica and is an avid participant in our Music Therapy program. Marie is 84 years young, she is developmentally delayed and has several other health issues.  When Marie was 60, Jean, her sister, was looking for a place where […]

Scott R: Wants his independence

It is not uncommon for family care givers to experience health issues themselves.  Respite can provide a vital service in this type of situation, helping both the client and the family caregiver to achieve both quality care goals and needed breaks for restoring energy. Scott is a young man diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As […]

Linda: Wants stimulating conversation

Linda lives at home with the help of an aide and her daughter Cheyenne who lives close by.  Linda comes to Helping Hands Adult Day Services program in a wheelchair. Not every activity is for Linda, but she loves to play cards and Bingo. Music, especially gospel or country, will lift her spirits. Linda still […]

Scott M: Content and patient

Scott 42, born with cerebral palsy, is totally dependent for care and daily living activities. With all his challenges Scott is a very content and patient young man. “The Helping Hands program has given us a chance for some normality in our lives. It has also given Scott a chance to be his own person. […]

Kaleigh: Part of a family

Kaleigh’s family uses respite time to do the things that most families take for granted such as trips to the grocery store, doctors’ appointments, attending the other children’s sporting or school events.  They even occasionally find time to do something just for fun and enjoyment. “Time and time again over the years Helping Hands care […]

Adele: Sweet and cheerful

Adele is six years old. She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when she was three and a half. Due to her illness Adele is unable to communicate verbally and requires assistance and/or prompting with all activities of daily living. She was experiencing irregular sleeping patterns and would often wake up in the middle of the […]

Rob: Happy when crafting

Navigating life for Rob is about coping with seizures that can be very disconcerting for him and his caregivers. When he attends the Helping Hands Respite Care Adult Day Services program the staff is fully versed on how to manage a possible seizure to protect both Rob and the people around him.  For his protection […]

Noah: Big sports fan

When Noah’s family moved from Minnesota in addition to Noah, age seven, who was a wheelchair bound, there was baby sister Zoe, an infant, and a six year old Jonah.  The family recalls how difficult it was to be in a place where there was no extended family to rely on for support.  “It was […]

Laurel: Ready to go places

Laurel is 24 years old and has multiple severe physical and developmental challenges.  Despite this, she is a very happy person who loves being around people. Going new places, experiencing activities and even shopping are valued by Laurel like other young ladies her age. Laurel receives both in-home care and occasional Respite House weekends. In […]