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Helping Hands Respite Care provides In-Home care services for families with adult or senior family members who have disabilities or age related conditions.  The Adult In-Home Respite Program Supervisor works with each family to develop an individualized care plan for each person.  This unique plan gives direction to the Helping Hands Respite Care Providers to utilize a variety of creative methods to encourage, stimulate, and focus on the challenges facing each family household.

When Extra Help is Needed In-Home Care for Adults and Seniors is the Answer

Helping Hands realizes that as people age they may develop the need for extra assistance with their care.  It may also be important to the  family member to receive the care in their own home.  The need for daily care may be difficult for extended family members to coordinate in addition to their other family responsibilities.  Family care providers often must go to work, travel frequently, or they may live out of town. The trained Respite Care Providers of Helping Hands Respite Care may be able to alieviate some of these issues.  Helping Hands Respite Care Providers may come to your own home to provide the needed daily care for the adult person.  Scheduling may be done by phone and progress notes are written daily.  Frequent communication with family members is an important aspect of the Helping Hands program.  With this flexibility, Helping Hands staff can work with family members to develop a plan that fits your family needs and that is updated frequently as care requirements change. Helping Hands Respite Care sets high expectations for our Respite Care Providers to deliver quality care and to offer the needed support of daily living to your family member with respect and dignity.

Various services are available when you hire Helping Hands Respite Care services which include:

  • Daily Living Skills
  • Walking assistance
  • Eating assistance
  • Medications
  • Assistance at doctor appointments
  • Transportation
  • Bathing and toilet assistance
  • Therapy assistance, range of motion, memory games, recreation activities, etc.
  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Household management including evening home security
  • Care for frail conditions
  • Care for people with Dementia or Alzheimer Disease
  • Care for people who have disabilities
  • Helping Hands can individually design care programs to fit the family needs
  • Overnight care or care for extended periods of time including Holidays
  • Maintaining care while primary care provider is away