Respite is Valuable

By Jane Rogers, RN
Respite, or relief from care duties, for even a short while can be valuable for improving the caregiver’s physical and mental well-being.
Caring for your loved one can be fulfilling and exhausting at the same time. Even respite for a few hours can give you the chance to run errands, work at your job, go to your own doctor appointments or visit with friends.

Do you feel a twinge of guilt dropping your loved one off at Adult Day Service? Well let’s look at this as a welcome change of pace for your loved one to attend our “Activity Center” to see their friends who may have similar cognitive or physical disabilities. Respite care helps avoid isolation for both of you. Without respite breaks, caregiving can be stressful and lead to resentment and depression. You are already dealing with stressful health care issues, financial challenges and over all changes to the life you once were used to and now the 24/7 caregiving adds to the stress. It’s exhausting!

At Helping Hands Respite Care, a nurse is scheduled Monday through Friday which helps the families we serve feel more at ease. We monitor participants blood pressure, pulse, weight and the PO2 which checks their level of oxygen. This is done using a painless clip on their finger. Everyone is monitored monthly and more if needed. The objective is to monitor their health, trying to avoid most health issues to make it easier for you at home. Two way communication is key to achieving this.

All in all, here at Helping Hands Respite Care, we recognize the value of respite and our ability to provide comfort to the program participants as well as the families who receive our services.