Respite House Renovations Photo Album

Respite House Renovation – Bathroom

Brand new bathroom redesigned seems like it is twice the size. The roll-in zero entry Respite House - new showershower is amazing. Beautiful porcelain tile on the floor and the wall make this a very functional bathroom for both the child and the care giver.  This was one of the major efforts, and frankly a capstone change, for this renovation project. The diligent efforts and calm demeanor of the HMCO, LLC team members did not go un-noticed.

Respite House Renovation - bathroom

The soothing wall color and easy access and impressive new bathroom inspired the creation of a small group of supporters who have dubbed themselves the Ladies of the Sheets.

Respite House Renovation, monogrammed towels.These ladies are committed to supplying the Respite House with bed linens and bath towels. Their first project was the crisp white towels, lovingly monogrammed by Ladies of the Sheets leader Jane Beaudoin.

Respite House Renovation Outside

 Another big impact was refurbishing the handicap ramp and replacing the crumbling Respite House Renovation front porchfront porch steps. We have Bonnie Jordan and Stan Kranz and some of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity boys to thank for taking on not only scraping, sanding and painting but also swing sledge hammers to demolition the steps. We can hardly wait for the fresh new wood porch and steps to season so we can add a coat of paint.  And, while we had the paint can open we tasked one of the fraternity brothers to weed the handicap accessible garden and give it a fresh coat of paint. Respite House Renovation gardenMary Donovan, Katie Donovan’s mother added some cash to the project to cover the cost of some seasonal decor and plants. In addition to this outdoor work, the whole house was power-washed, the garage was clean and cleared and two coats of paint covered a peeling exterior wall.  Our exterior doors have been painted a beautiful red, and there is a new non-stick surface on the handicap ramp.

Respite House Renovations – Appliances and Basement

There is a huge impact in the kitchen which has a new floor, fresh paint, needed cabinet repair and a new refrigerator, new cooktop, new microwave, and new oven. Bob Conway handled the old floor tear-up and the installation of these appliances. Respite House Renovations new appliancesAdditionally, down in the basement the dying washer and dryer were dragged out by some of our muscle from Pi Kappa Phi, walls were painted with waterproof paint and the floor has a fresh coat of paint. (Kudos to Antonio Todd, John Stauffer and Max and Blake Sandborn).

Respite House Renovation washer and dryerThe basement now has a brand new washer and dryer and a storage freezer for the opportunity to stock up and food items and treats when they are on sale.  If we haven’t mentioned your name, it does not mean that we aren’t grateful —we are eternally grateful and want to schedule a walk-through reception for all our helpers and donors in the near future.  We still have some finishing touches and will be communicating about how we want to proceed.

At Helping Hands Respite Care we are so grateful to McLaren Greater Lansing for helping us get to our $16,000 fund-raising goal. By our calculation these funds leveraged over $40,000 in value. Watch for another post where we will ackowledge our helpful vendors.