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Participants in Adult Day Services , program ads value to life

Did you know that among the Adult Day Services programs in the State of Michigan there are just a handful that have an on-site nurse? Helping Hands Respite Care is one of those programs. Did you know that because Helping Hands Respite Care Adult Day Services (ADS) has an on-site nurse which means we are capable of offering care to individuals who might not qualify in another program because of complex medical conditions? This means that the Helping Hands Adult Day Program has an average age of participant of 82 years – the oldest in the state.

When you are thinking about an Adult Day Services Program do you ask for the care ratio of caregivers to clients? You may have found care ratios of 5, 6, 7, or even 8 clients to 1 caregiver. At Helping Hands our average caregiver ratio is 3 to 1, and when you factor in volunteers or student interns the ratio is as low as 2 to 1.

Have you been concerned about the cost of transporting your loved one to an Adult Day program? No worries, here at Helping Hands Respite Care we have transportation services available from across Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Counties to our Adult Day Services program. The cost of transportation is included in our fee structure and represents no additional cost to families.

Oh, by the way, were you concerned about the cost of food? Did we mention that Helping Hands is an authorized meal site for the Meals on Wheels program of the Tri-County Office on Aging and the cost of daily meal is baked into our hourly rate?

How this Program ADS Value

So let’s recap the value proposition of Helping Hands Respite Care ADS program:
– On – Site Nurse overseeing and monitoring health of all participants
– More clients with complex health issues may attend
– Average age of participants at Helping Hands ADS is 82, a very young 82.
– Client to Caregiver Ratios at 3 to 1 and often 2 to 1.
– Transportation to ADS program across three counties Ingham, Eaton and Client
No additional cost.
– Nutritious meals daily from the Tri-County Office on Aging Meals on Wheels program
– The hourly rate at Helping Hands ADS program is just $13 per hour, average daily visit is 3 to 5 hours.

Last, but certainly not least, if you have a loved one over the age of 60 , the Helping Hands Respite Care ADS program currently has grant funds available to provide either FREE or reduced cost to participate in the program.

For more on this extraordinary value contact: ADS Supervisor Alison Sarkozy at 372-6671, ext 107 or Alison @helpinghandsrespite.org