Office Administrator Departs

Office Administrator, Cat Love-Wilkins departs.

Fond Farewell and Best Wishes to Cat

By Executive Director, John Stuaffer

For over eight years Cat Love-Wilkins was the glue that held Helping Hands Respite Care together. And for that we owe her our deepest gratitude. As the office administrator, Cat was the steadying force as this organization went through several transitions, most notably my arrival as the Executive Director, for this small nonprofit with a big mission.

In the nonprofit world, organization leaders often must wear several hats, and as the Office Administrator Cat was no exception. When we decided to upgrade our scheduling and billing system it fell to Cat to navigate and implement this new system, for years Cat also managed much of the human resource functions, and when we were running low on toilet paper Cat was the one who would stop by the store to restock. Cat’s contributions to this organization are too numerous to list.

At this writing we are still searching for a replacement. While the temporary candidate from the temp agency looked like she was going to be a perfect fit in both skills and temperament, unfortunately after only one day on the job, we learned that while she was training with us, another prospective employer made her an offer she could not refuse. That leaves me to step in and manage some of the critical functions while the search continues for just the right candidate.


You might think that this a devastating development but I don’t see it that way. First, Cat has agreed to be a go-to resource during this transition; and second this gives me a chance to get some first-hand experience on this job function. It is true, transitions can sometimes be difficult and a bit painful, but I have to say that I am so happy that Cat has found a new job which makes her happy and we still have a friend in Cat Love-Wilkins.