LAP Respite Center Changes Name Helping Hands Respite Care

Executive Director Presenting new logo and new name

LAP Respite Center changes name. On December 4th at a special gathering of supporters and leaders of East Lansing-based LAP Respite Center those attending learned the new name of the organization, Helping Hands Respite Care. This name change was a product of a strategic planning process which forecasted the need to more accurately reflect the […]

Long-term Planning for Children with Special Needs

Do you have questions about long term planning for children with special needs. Raising a child with special needs can be a challenging and rewarding lifelong task. Day-to-day decisions are carefully considered to determine how it can affect your child. Sometimes, it is easy to get lost in your child’s day-to-day needs and lose sight […]

Doug Ervin Receives BOOM Award

Doug Ervin received the Be Our Own Motivation (BOOM) Award was created by Justin Caine of Good Fruit Video. The Boom Award is Caine’s creation to annually recognize accomplished persons with a disability. Annually the award is made in three categories: employee, entrepreneur, and athlete. View the video profile of Doug. With over a dozen years […]

Music Therapy in the ADS program

Through the generosity of a grant from Jackson National Life, Helping Hands Respite Care continues to make inroads in music therapy for the Adult Day Services (ADS) program.  We have always understood the importance of music in the lives or our clients. Music can be the bridge to their past lives and buried memories. We […]

Meals on Wheels at Helping Hands Respite Care

The Meals On Wheels program has been in place at Helping Hands Respite Care for decades. Meals on Wheels are sponsored by the Tri-County Office on Aging (TCOA).  With some of our participants we are not sure what their eating patterns are at home. The Meals on Wheels program helps us ensure that the lunch […]