New Program Running Smoothly

A field trip to the State Capital is a testimony to a new program running smoothly

Breaking Barriers Today celebrated its first full month of service on July 8, 2015. The new program running smoothly, is located within the Gier Community Center. It provides an opportunity to serve more participants and their families, with more hours, more programming and community enrichment.
This program is an alternative to the limited hours of the former After School Program, and answers the need to provide activities and stimulation for those individuals who may have aged out of special school programming. State law limits attendance in the special school settings after the age of 26. “This Breaking Barriers Today program can serve individuals, with varying skills, from age 13 to 50. It really answers a critical need for those from 26 to 35,” shared Program Supervisor Elizabeth Krumm.
The first weeks of the program have been about becoming acclimated to a new environment which is rich with things to do and places to be…a gymnasium, a dance studio, an art room, a game room that doubles as a dining area, and a quiet area for reading and resting. The Gier Community Center also has several acres of outdoor play space. “There has been a learning curve in becoming comfortable with the flow of people from place to place and to see those organic opportunities to interact with other visitors to the community center.”
The participants are also looking forward to getting out into the community. On the calendar for July is a tour of the State Capital building, and a trip to a Lugnuts Baseball game. These are activities that would simply not been possible in the former location and program.
“I want to thank all of our families for their patience as we work out the details. We are dedicated to making Breaking Barriers Today a quality resource for more members of the community who may have a need,” said Krumm. “We know that we have to walk before we run, but it is so exciting to have the space to run!”
Families interested in learning more about the Breaking Barriers Today activity program should contact Elizabeth Krumm at