New Phone System

new phone system arrives at helping hands.

A Message from Office Administrator – Janette Lauzon, On New Phone System

As you know, we are a small non-profit and money is always tight. It has been my personal mission to find opportunities to save dollars anywhere we can without compromising quality of service. We were paying four phone bills: the main phone system in our office, the phone line for our alarm system, the Respite House phone, and the emergency phone. Due to our wonderful Executive Director having an open mind, we were able to convert all those systems to one bill that saved us $255 a month. Yes, $255 a MONTH!

Along with the savings, it will provide a more efficient service. First, we will no longer have a separate emergency phone. There will be an auto attendant that answers the phone and will ask if this is after hours. If it is, you can press 1 and it will automatically forward the call to the person monitoring the “after hours” calls. Next, the “operator” or main line will be on two different phones so it can always be answered even if the person at the front desk has to step away. The phones are easier to use and can also be maintained online.

New Technologies Available on New Phone System

Additional new technologies are built into this phone – each supervisor or admin staff that has a phone can hold up to three calls at a time on their phone (not that we would want to) But you can have someone one hold, being talking to someone else and the phone can still ring in from another person calling in. The functions of the phone are much easier to use and understand than our existing phones. A huge improvement is that all admin and supervisory staff will have an app on our personal cell phones that will allow us to answer a call that comes into our work phone and speak to the caller from where ever we are, and the caller will only see the office number (not a cell number) through the app we can also call out and the person called will see the work number not the cell, allowing each of us a little freedom to answer the phone while we are away from the office, if we desire, without sacrificing personal cell information.

Verizon has a plan for non-profits that was able to take care of all our needs at a fraction of the cost. Please bear with us during this transition, and feel free to report any challenges you have with our new phone system. It will all be in place and activated within a few weeks. Thank you, John Stauffer for seeing the need to simplify where we can and helping it happen.