MSU Department Partners

MSU Department of Kinesiology Partners with Helping Hands Respite Care

Not long ago we had the privilege of presenting to the head of the MSU Department of Kinesiology and found that we were an ideal match to the students of this department wishing for relevant work opportunities in our various programs. Student are lining up for internships to provide first rate care to the families we serve.

At this point we have five new caregivers in our pipeline and expect that we will end up enjoying the benefits of a great working relationship with this university department to the tune of 8 to 10 students per school year or semester.

Over the past two years we have been so challenged to find, train and compensate caregivers and have been broken-hearted when we had to leave shifts open for lack of willing workers.  It might be too soon to say we have a permanent solution, but with some help and good luck we could see a substantial improvement in our staffing numbers.  If you know someone in any of the other relevant schools at MSU or even the local community colleges we would deeply appreciate the referral.  The areas of study which seem to match up really well include:  pre-med, nursing, kinesiology, family studies, gerontology, social work, and psychology.