Milestones for In-Home Supervisor

Child In-Home Supervisor Tarra Boris marking new milestones.

Tarra Boris our in -home children’s program supervisor is marking some new milestones. She recently graduated from Michigan State University. Over the past year and a half Tarra has divided her time at Helping Hands in service to the organization and in pursuit of her Masters of Social Work via an internship “I am still in process towards earning the distinction of having the MSW letters added to my title,” shared Boris. “Hopefully, I will be able to work in the necessary hours and the exam in the near future.”

Facing another life milestone,Tarra is expecting the pending arrival of her baby and is busy preparing a transition team (Dawn Todd and Leah Gavin) to carry on her work during her maternity leave. Tarra shared that her baby is a girl and will be named Arabella.

Tarra is also working on a Play Therapy Certification which she expects will be very useful in her work with families with children, in-home care, participants in the Breaking Barriers Today program, and of course the Respite House.

When asked what we would need to fully outfit the Respite House with toys, tools, or materials with state of the art resources for children attending the program, she was quick to list the following: more sifting toys, a wide range of sensory input toys, weighted blankets and vests, swings, bean bag chairs, and colorful art or murals. “There are some really great advances being made in research on play therapy designed to de-escalate behaviors, especially with those children on the autism spectrum. It would be wonderful to have more of the tools and resources appropriate for occupational or play therapy at the Respite House.”