Holiday Break Highlights at Breaking Barriers Today

What Do You Do on Holiday Break, When You Need A Break Too?

Our numbers increased over the holiday break and it was great to see the kind of fun and interaction that is possible when we have a great combination of participants, care providers, and volunteers. The Breaking Barriers Today program is continuing to grow and we are very excited about the possibilities of having even more volunteers in the mix. It was also nice to know that the families of these very special participants had an opportunity to attend to their holiday preparations confident that their loved one was in good hands …helping hands.

Holiday Break Highlights: Playing Games

Holiday Break - Playing Games
Sharon our new volunteer has been extremely helpful during our holiday/winter break time! She was helping the crew prepare to play Sorry and Xzavier was in the background playing some beats! They all were having a lot of fun!

Holiday Break - Playing a game of Sorry





Anita, Tony, & Sharon playing Sorry. Anita was helping with shuffling the cards and placing them onto the board. This was actually the first time seeing Anita be willing to sit for a period of time to play a board game.



Holiday Break - Parachute Play

Everyone playing Parachute popcorn and loving the bright colors/breeze from the parachute. Clients had a great time, however what isn’t shown here is that Anita would want to run around in the gym and Jimmy loved his walker so much, he would be a little speedster!


Holiday Break - Jimmy the speedster in his walker

Jimmy has been very much a speedster in his new walker! Loves every minute in it!


BBTPosingPic#12 [1195]






Blaine hanging out in the gym and decided to pose for a picture with Daniell. Blaine is one of the newer participants.

Holiday Break - Jonathan tackling some blocksStephanie observing Jonathon figure out how to put blocks together. He was very determined!

Holiday Break - Artistic block building








Ruth was very focused on building herself a kingdom made of Legos. She’s very artistic, even with arts and crafts!


Holiday Break Highlights: Making Music

BBTXzavier piano5 [1205]Xavier loved the keyboard and the music that it was playing. Xavier playing some beats with Stephanie the care provider!


BBTRuthPiano#11 [1193]





Ruth was a participant during summer program! She came back for a few days during break. The keyboard has been a highlight itself. Ruth loved playing different tunes on it. She loved it!

Holiday Break Highlights: Taking a Relaxation Break


BBTRelaxing6 [1206]
Jonathon just relaxing at the moment with his sensory board! Sometimes it’s just good to relax from school on winter break!

Holiday Break Highlights: Lunchtime

BBT Lunch9 [1209]A few participants were watching a movie with Sharon the volunteer. They are taking a liking to having a new friend to hang out with and Sharon enjoyed making new friends too!

Sierra was preparing lunch with Anita helping & Ally was hanging out with Lucy, Tony, & Xzavier while Jon, he was in charge of watching everyone lol! Lucy is one of the recent addition to the BBT Program!

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