LAP Respite Center Changes Name Helping Hands Respite Care

Executive Director Presenting new logo and new name

LAP Respite Center changes name. On December 4th at a special gathering of supporters and leaders of East Lansing-based LAP Respite Center those attending learned the new name of the organization, Helping Hands Respite Care. This name change was a product of a strategic planning process which forecasted the need to more accurately reflect the expanding work of the agency and the growing need for respite care programs.

LAP Respite Center was established in 1989 by a group of parents (Lansing Area Parents) of children with disabilities. These parents, understanding the need for an occasional break from the 24/7 vigilance of care for their sometimes fragile family member, planted the seeds which created 25 years of steady growth in service. In 2011, through an arrangement with the City of East Lansing a long-standing and well-received Adult Day Services program was added to the line-up of respite care programs, creating touch points of service for families with needs ranging from very young children to seniors well into their 80’s. This addition precipitated a significant growth for the organization. New Helping Hands Respite Care logo in deep red and marigold

Commenting on the need for a name change, Executive Director John Stauffer said “We simply outgrew our name and it was time to acknowledge the fact that the need for respite care is only going to increase. Every day 10,000 people a day are turning 65 of those people 30% will need in-home care. Current statistics on children states that one in 88 are being diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Our agency has been known to care for the families that have the greatest need for respite care.”

New Name – New URL Extension

Coinciding with the name change is a new web address which some might notice is a departure from the norm.  “The new URL for Helping Hands Respite Care ends with .care,” shared Marketing Consultant Katie Donovan. “These new extensions are just now becoming available from providers. The extensions represent a real marketing opportunity in a marketplace which was becoming harder and harder to create a meaningful and memorable name. It is our hope will be helpful to those searching for some kind of care support opportunities.”
The Helping Hands Respite Care administrative offices and the Adult Day Services program are located at 201 Hillside Court in East Lansing, Michigan’s Valley Court. Other services include In-Home Services for children or adults, a Weekend Respite House, After School Program, and a Mainstream Summer Camp program. The new Facebook page address
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