Hearing Aids Not Working?

hearing aid not working, close up of ear without hearing aid

If you have hearing aids which are not working and you are hesitating because of the high cost of replacement, we are pleased to let you know that there are hearing aid repair options. Soma Hearing Aid Repair has an alternative solution to the costly practice of replacing broken hearing aids. Prices for repair may range from $199 to $299 and can be a reasonable alternative to the thousands of dollars for replacement.

In a recent report in the AARP magazine there is a story about hearing loss being linked to memory loss and dementia. Don’t resist repairing your hearing aid because you may be at risk of losing cognitive ability without the aids.

This article is not an endorsement but an alternative worth pursuing. For Hearing Aid Repair contact Jeremy Nordquist at 248-719-3241 or email Jeremynordquist@yahoo.com