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Why We Made the Switch to Clear Care

Why We Made the Switch to Clear Care Caregiver has more time to care when she uses the Clear Care system for reporting

If you are a client/family, caregiver, or contracting agency, most of you may already be feeling the effects of our switch over from the VINCENT scheduling system to Clear Care Online. For us the decision to switch over was easy, based on the research done before hand. We were propelled by the fact that as […]

Special Online Event to Benefit Respite House

Donate for the Respite House Renovation – Get Raffle Ticket(s) for Prizes Last summer, through the generosity of dozens of volunteers and supporters, and an amazing sponsor – McLaren Greater Lansing, we nearly completed the renovation of our Weekend Respite House. The Respite House facility, home to one of our most popular programs, was in […]

Welcome Missy Dahlgren

Welcome Missy Dahlgren Welcome Missy Dahlgren

Join us in welcoming Melissa (Missy) Dahlgren to our team as the new child-in-home/respite supervisor. She has worked as an in home supervisor/therapist to families for the past four years at another agency. She has also served as a respite home manager for a brief time. So, you can see why we are thrilled to […]

Respite House Renovations Photo Album

Respite House Renovation – Bathroom Brand new bathroom redesigned seems like it is twice the size. The roll-in zero entry shower is amazing. Beautiful porcelain tile on the floor and the wall make this a very functional bathroom for both the child and the care giver.  This was one of the major efforts, and frankly […]

Milestones for In-Home Supervisor

Milestones for In-Home Supervisor Child In-Home Supervisor Tarra Boris marking new milestones.

Tarra Boris our in -home children’s program supervisor is marking some new milestones. She recently graduated from Michigan State University. Over the past year and a half Tarra has divided her time at Helping Hands in service to the organization and in pursuit of her Masters of Social Work via an internship “I am still […]

Progress Report on Respite House Face-Lift

Progress Report on Respite House Face-Lift Progress Report on Respite House project. Pi Kappa Phi volunteers shown in group shot with tools.

We are working hard to get to the end of this project but wanted to stop for a moment to give you a progress report on the Respite House. You have all heard the old adage “the best laid plans of mice and men” – it means that no matter how you hard you plan, […]

“Everyone Deserves and Needs a Break Now and Then”

“Everyone Deserves and Needs a Break Now and Then” Cassidy enjoys spending time at the Respite House.

By Dawn Todd, Respite House Supervisor We love our young people who visit the Respite House! Just as important are the families who utilize our services in order to take a much needed break (respite) over an occasional weekend. We know it is not easy for caregivers to entrust their loved one to our care […]

10 Signs of Caregiver Stress

This list of 10 signs of caregiver stress comes to you from the Alzheimer Association.  At Helping Hands Respite Care we often see or experience these signs first hand. It is heartening to know that we provide the means for families to get temporary relief from the stress they feel because of their responsibilities as […]

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