Breaking Barriers Today – Summer Plans

We are gearing up for a busy summer filled with activities at BBT. We have a great team of helping interns and volunteers ready to help a teen or young adult get the most out of summer packed with new activities and special field trips. Learn More or email BBT Supervisor – Kathryn Green.

Because the Breaking Barriers Today program is located at the Gier Community Center we have the ability to take advantage of not only a tremendous facility which gives us lots of room to get active, but also to participate in programs and outings planned by the City Parks and Recreation Director. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to merge our program participants into programs which may include neuro-typical children. Ask your case manager how your child can participate and whether the care plan could be expanded to include time at the Breaking Barriers Today program.

So often we see teens or young adults with a disability languishing in front of a television or feeling a growing sense of isolation. What a difference we can make in their day by having the access and resources to clear a path for them to experience exciting new things.

We have a team of soon-to-graduate Occupational Therapists from Baker Community College who have pledge a significant amount of time to the Breaking Barriers program this summer. More volunteers are also committing time to make participating in a special outing or event a reality.

If you know someone that is searching for something meaningful to do this summer, we would be pleased to have them participate as a volunteer at Breaking Barriers Today. The application process is straightforward and easy to complete. Download a volunteer packet today!

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