Breaking Barriers Participants Marking Progress

Breaking Barriers participant Jimmy is show using a gait trainer/walker at this program operated by Helping Hands Respite Care.

It’s the Small Things that Count

By Breaking Barriers Today Supervisor, Elizabeth Krumm


Wow! I can’t believe it’s already Fall! The leaves are changing, the weather getting cooler, and new participants to welcome to the Breaking Barriers Today program.
First, I’d like acknowledge new participants who started attending BBT – Blaine, Scott, and Bethany. They’ve been a pleasure to have here at the program and I look forward to getting to know them throughout the year.


Marking Progress at Breaking Barriers

The participants here at BBT have been enjoying the program and it has been exciting to see little changes that have been happening marking their progress. Jimmy (an all-day participant) recently got a gait trainer/walker to help him get up on his feet and start using those leg muscles. Xzavier (an After School Care Participant) has been on his own learning where to place dirty dishes when we are done with snack time. This is without anyone prompting him. Blaine has been doing awesome with getting comfortable with his surroundings and has been more vocal.

As the program matures we are finding comfort in routine here at BBT. The current goal is to look at how we can incorporate individual goals for each client to help them become ever more independent. I’m excited to announce that we expect some Physical Therapy and Occupational interns from Baker College to be arriving here in January to help participants with their physical therapy and occupational training needs. In preparation over the next few months, I’ll be assessing and incorporating goals for individual participant into their plans. This will help the interns to assist our participants on working on their daily living skills.

Time at the Gier Community Center always provides new opportunities for experiences and enrichment for our participants because of the many programs that come to the center. For example, this month we were able to watch the Senior Cloggers put on a show for BBT. Our participants seemed to love the tapping of the shoes and the music playing in the background.

There are three important things that are part of the new Breaking Barriers Today program for participants: enhanced socialization, achieving new life skills, and community inclusion opportunities. Here we mark progress in small steps, but it is progress …it truly is the small things that we count.
Be sure to visit the Helping Hands Facebook page to stay up-to-date on our participants having a great time enjoying football games, bonfires, Halloween, the sunshine and crisp air during this beautiful season.