Todd Stuewer

Photo of Todd Stuewer, Helping Hands Respite Care Board Member

Todd Stuewer’s career was in information technology (IT). He has worked as a consultant, co-founded a company, and served in senior IT positions. It was kidney failure that forced his retirement from his VP of IT position for Michigan Commercial Insurance Mutual. Todd set out to research options that would be best for managing his health. Todd received regular hemodialysis treatments at a local dialysis center for several years. He then found a home hemodialysis option and successfully shifted to home treatments. These treatments required that there be someone present to assist. That responsibility was mostly on his wife, Julie.  After several years, the responsibility was taking its toll on Julie. In April of 2016 the Stuewer family and Helping Hands Respite Care took a leap of faith together, hoping for a professional relationship built on trust that would give Todd what he wanted most, respite for Julie. Helping Hands Respite Care is proud to provide respite care for the Stuewers. You can read more about Todd’s story on his blog.

“Serving on the Board gives me the opportunity to give back. Respite care has improved my life and marriage. Inspiring others to find the respite they need is my goal.”