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Helping Hands Respite Care is a non-profit organization with a 501 (c3) designation. With over 27 years of experience, Helping Hands Respite Care (formerly known as LAP Respite Center) has grown significantly in the past few years. In 2011 the merging of an Adult Day Services program, formerly operated by the City of East Lansing, into the care program line-up was a significant turning point.  The Adult Day Services center provides a place for stimulating activity for adults with disabilities or age-related limitations including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and Dementia, and was a perfect complement to the other care programs offering respite.

The four programs available for families through Helping Hands Respite Care are:

  1. Adult Day Services
  2. Adult In-Home Care
  3. Child In-Home Care
  4. Weekend Respite House

All of the programs at Helping Hands Respite Care deliver high quality, non-medical, care for families in order to provide the opportunity for respite and rejuvenation for family or primary care givers, most who deliver this care out of love and obligation with no expectation of compensation.  The organization has been recognized by community organizations and partners like the Cities of East Lansing and Lansing, Michigan State University, Community Mental Health, the Tri-County Office on Aging, the Alzheimer’s Association and the Veteran’s Administration, as a trusted care provider that produces high quality professional caregivers with excellent training.

Need Continues to Grow

The need for the services provided to families by Helping Hands Respite Care is continuing to grow.  Statistics on the care needs of the aging Boom Generation predict the great pressure for quality care and respite options, both in this country and in local in-home settings and service centers.  Additionally, the rise of children experiencing disabilities from conditions like Cerebral Palsy to Retts Syndrome, and the increasing incidences of children with overlapping disability diagnosis’ which include the Autism Spectrum, demonstrates a dramatic need for even more community resources, especially for programs like the Helping Hands Respite Care After School Care, Mainstream Summer Camp, and our Weekend Respite House (s).

To remain competitive and meet the growing need Helping Hands Respite Care is committed to continually improving its recruitment and training processes to provide a quality bench of professional direct caregivers to meet the growing needs in the service area of Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Counties. This includes raising the funds to be a competitive employer in this market segment by offering a living wage for professional direct caregivers.  The mix of caregivers will include students from MSU and LCC who may be in related fields of study such as pre-med, health care, geriatric care, and social work.  The larger percentage of direct care workers will be non-students in an age range of 30 to 65 that are interested in making a consistent commitment to the families who receive our care.

A Name Change to Communicate the Benefits of Respite Care

Broad understanding of the meaning and power of respite care is still limited but growing. The organization has changed not only its name to more accurately reflect the services and benefits delivered, but also changed how the community will be educated about the services available through Helping Hands Respite Care.

A Special Experience

An experience for visitors interested in learning more about the organization will heighten their understanding of the challenges of being a person with a disability or caring for someone with a disability.  This experience happens two times a month at the Adult Day Services Center with a one-hour event called “A Walk beyond the Barriers.”  During this “walk” stories of care and respite are told which demonstrate how clients have been helped to go beyond the barriers of a physical disability through respectful care and empowering experiences; and family members are helped to realize the power of respite to knock down the invisible barriers and negative consequences of continuous care without a break. To schedule a Walk Beyond the Barriers for your friends and family, click here.

The Helping Hands Difference

In a market segment that promises to be increasingly competitive, there are three major benefits offered by Helping Hands Respite Care which sets it apart from other similar organizations:

  1. Incredibly favorable client to caregiver ratios – in most cases 2 to 1 and in some cases 1 to 1.
  2. Our training and preparation process continues to evolve and keep pace with the latest developments. It includes 90% online FREE training for caregivers and 10% reserved for in-house training and preparation to effectively communicate our care standards and culture.
  3. Our culture of dignity, respect and compassion for all of our clients and family/primary caregivers.

How You Can Help

What can you do to assist Helping Hands Respite Care in maintaining its recognized top level of services while continuing to meet the community’s increased needs of quality respite care?

  1. Call us at 517-372-6671 to see when the next available “A Walk beyond the Barriers” event is open for you to attend.
  2. While on Facebook type “Helping Hands Respite Care into the task bar and see what we have been up to recently.
  3. Pass this information piece on to a friend, neighbor or co-worker.