Month: July 2015

Dementia and Wandering

Dementia and Wandering Dementia and Wandering can be reduced by keeping active. Balloon volleyball

At the Adult Day Services (ADS) program we have participants that tend to wander. Dementia and wandering are common. Wandering usually occurs because the participant has an urge to “Go.” Usually, that means to “go to” the bathroom, they want “to go” home or “to go/ get away” from something that they don’t understand or […]

Better Care Notes and Documentation

  Lately, professional documentation of care notes has been a concern for both care providers and clients. Better care notes serve as a guide for parents and their case managers to know what our care provider and their child have done during their time together. Care notes are used as data to mark the progress […]

Free Legal Help for People Over 60

Free Legal Help for People Over 60 free legal help for seniors over 60, elderly lady shown pouring cup of tea

Jeff Nunham, Adult In-Home Supervisor, recently attended a seminar at Tri-County Office on Aging focusing on free legal help and how to spot legal issues in situations of elder abuse and neglect. Whether you are the caregiver, the one receiving care, or an advocate for someone receiving care, it is good to know about local […]

New Program Running Smoothly

New Program Running Smoothly A field trip to the State Capital is a testimony to a new program running smoothly

Breaking Barriers Today celebrated its first full month of service on July 8, 2015. The new program running smoothly, is located within the Gier Community Center. It provides an opportunity to serve more participants and their families, with more hours, more programming and community enrichment. This program is an alternative to the limited hours of […]

Managing Angry Outbursts

On occasion children, with special needs, in our care may present some difficult behaviors. First and foremost, it is important to use our skills of empathy and compassion. It is good to remember and understand that you are not dealing with a disability who has a person, but a person with a disability. We compassionately […]

Dementia and Nutrition

Learn more about the link between dementia and nutrition. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for people with dementia. Poor nutrition can result in dehydration, reduced muscle strength, and, in some cases, an increase in behavioral symptoms. Some people with dementia experience problems with eating and drinking. Common reasons include difficulty communicating their likes […]

The Ability Experience Visits Helping Hands Respite Care

The Ability Experience Visits Helping Hands Respite Care Ability Experience Riders raising funds for Helping Hands Respite Care

Karl Ochs is a member of Pi Kappa Phi at Michigan State University and has been a volunteer for the last year at Helping Hands Respite Care’s Adult Day Center. This summer, he is riding across the country with other fraternity members from the west coast to Washington D.C. to raise money for people with […]